Calling on the Operator

Operator assist conference call options are numerous, although they are the most costly. With an operator assist on a conference call, many features become available that would not generally be offered otherwise. Here are some operator assist conference call options from one major vendor.

The first enhancement of your conference call that is offered with an operator assist is a Web based tool called Leader View that lets you have a real time view of participants. You as moderator can prioritize and screen your question and answer sessions. A visual Web conference upgrade with the assist of an operator can aid you in presenting your PowerPoint demonstrations, deliver a Web tour, or even a document collaboration or whiteboard.

Nothing makes an operator assist conference call more engaging than features such as Flash, animation, and Webcasting. You can integrate streaming broadcasting and interactivity, extending your conference reach to a whopping 10,000 location maximum. This is a powerful way to drive your product demand, create brand awareness, and build relationships with customers. It’s also a great way to train participants online and replicate the interaction of a typical classroom. You can launch new products and introduce them to your sales force without having to bring everyone out of the field. Your investment community can get up to the minute financial updates with these state of the art operator assist conference call features. Corporate announcements can be delivered to your thousands of employees at one time, communicating a consistent message.

An operator can assist your conference call with the production and dissemination of a conference’s digital playback. Participants and others can access this by using a toll free number. Additional information such as documents would also be available so that those unable to attend would still have access to all the details given to participants.

Event registration is an operator assist conference call feature as well. Not only will you know who is attending but you’ll be able to designate the capture of specific information from each.

An archive will also be available with an operator assist conference call by this vendor. Its Web interface will be branded and its management tools easy to use. With this feature an event host can keep a library of all conferences and Web or audio events.

Operator assist conference call reports offer the host a guest list complete with the information you had asked the operator to gather. You might ask, for example, that the operator assist in gathering conference call participant names, firms, phone numbers, and time of entry to the call and leaving of the call.

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