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A firm who has used audio conference calling capabilities but would like to try Web conferencing may not want to venture into this more costly arena without knowing if it’s worth the additional charges or even more effective. There is at least one free Web conference calling possibility out there, however. Here is how this vendor’s free Web conference calling offer works.

This vendor offers audio conference call rates as low as 4.5 cents per minute per participant for toll call events, or 5.5 cents each for a toll free conference call. There is no minimum fee and no contract to sign. If a business would like to host a Web conference event with no audio capability the price is 19.5 cents per minute per caller. However, Web conference calling is free if added as an upgrade to an audio conferencing event. There is also a free demo of the Web conference calling service on the vendor’s Web site.

Features and options of this audio conferencing service with free Web conference calling include fully automated immediate dial in conferencing, without need for reservations; international reservation-free dial in; dial out that is completely automated, immediate and reservationless; Web conferencing without need for any reservation; and application and document sharing including the presenter’s desktop by way of the Internet. No one – presenter, moderator, host or participants, have to download any software to make this free Web conference calling work.

Toll free conference calling is discounted automatically as volume of participants increases, so clients pay for only what they use and need. This vendor’s flexible payment options include business check. Operator assistance for audio conferencing and its free Web conference calling is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Client business administrators can manage their accounts online and sign up to take advantage of this free Web conference calling is free. All you do is provide your contact information and your billing details and you can start conferring on the phone and online remotely.

There are two ways to take advantage of this vendor’s free demo on its Web conference calling. You can go to its site and launch it on your own, or you can sign up for the vendor’s scheduled weekly live group demo. Once you supplied your name and contact information you’ll receive an e-mail with access log in information for the live demo.

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