Top of the Line Conferencing

One of the biggest, oldest and best known of the national telephone carriers offers a number of advanced conferencing service products.

The carrier announced just this June that it now had a number of advanced conferencing service features for Web and audio. These advanced features included integration of its conferencing product with Microsoft Office’s communications server. What this does is enable participants to instigate an immediate conference by either Web or audio. Another feature is its integration of its own conferencing application with new management features that give moderators and participants more control over their conferences. New administrative functions introduced include registration for the event, enhancements to its Internet RSVP function, and increased security.

The carrier also recently collaborated with Microsoft for research on advanced conferencing capabilities for remote collaboration and its impact on business. This research study talked about conferencing services as advanced as audio or Web conferencing, and e-mail and instant message. The finding of the study was that these advanced conferencing services and their remote team collaborative capabilities were found to be key drives for optimum business performance.

Now that the vendor has combined services for advanced conferencing, clients and participants can use handy, nearly instantaneous click to conference features for either audio or net conferencing or a combination of both.

That’s not all. Participants can join an audio conference that can be initiated right from a Web conference through an advanced conferencing service that lets people dial out of a meeting to join another. Leaders now have strictly control over their conference calls, such as muting power and the capability of monitoring attendance and disconnecting individual participants.

Additional new advanced conferencing services include enhanced Internet RSVP and registration for the meetings so that participants can easily and quickly reply to invitations. With this advancement, host firms can request information from participants as qualifiers, can send automatic reminders and brand each conference. All these features are available any hour of the day or night.

The new advanced administrative conferencing service upgrades the conference management and security. Administrators can now create new users, can edit them or can even delete them. They can create the logins for new participants or existing ones. They can schedule an instant meeting for Web or video, can schedule audio conferences, can pick and choose those to get confirmations but email and can even print or download conference reports such as participant activity. The security feature allows for deletion of participants, removing terminated employees, for example.

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