The Many Forms of the AT And T Conference Call

AT&T has long been an industry leader in many areas of telecommunications. As you might expect, AT&T has some of the most advanced conference call utilities available. Whether you need the most advanced conference call system available, or have much more modest conference calling requirements, there is sure to be an AT&T conference call package that meets all of your needs.

One great AT&T conference call option is the operator dialed conference call. In this type of conference call, an AT&T operator actually calls each and every participant and adds them to the call. The operator can also be enlisted to take notes, tally poll results, and take care of other administrative issues thereby freeing meeting participants from such mundane details and allowing them to attend to the issues at hand. Additionally, having the operator directly dial each meeting participant means that meetings are more likely to be well attended since the chances of “forgetting” to call into an operator dialed conference call is somewhere around zero. Clearly, since an actual human must be involved with each and every call, this option can be more expensive than other AT&T conference call options; however, for those who need that level of service, there is truly no better conference calling option.

For companies who do not need the full service treatment of the operator dialed AT&T conference call plan, there are also automated conference call services that allow users to dial in to the main meeting bridge line and then enter a specific pass code to enter the meeting. This option does not have all of the great personal touches of the previously discussed plan, but it is much more affordable and is serviceable enough for most conference call requirements. The main disadvantage of this AT&T conference call plan is that it makes it difficult for meetings participants to obtain help if they are experiencing difficulties dialing in to the meeting for any reason.

Operator assisted dial in is another AT&T conference call package that many businesses find to be quite useful. In contrast to the operator dialed option above, the operator assisted option does not actually call customers, but requires them to call into the meeting themselves, much in the same way that the automated conference call packages do. However, an operator is made available in case any participants have trouble dialing in.

Regardless of your needs or the needs of your company, there is likely to be an AT&T conference call package that works for you. In addition to the packages mentioned, AT&T also provides support for web and other multimedia conference call options. As you might expect, the level of service is directly proportional to the cost of the service but, for many companies, the cost of obtaining the AT&T conference call package is quite small when compared to the amount of money saved.

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