Phoning for Flat Fees

There are a number of flat rate conference call service vendors, and some that offer flat rate or per minute per user options. With the latter, a firm can determine the amount of activity typical of its conferencing calling and determine if the occasional calling is best served by a one time per minute per user charge or the savings might be considerable using a flat rate conference call service.

Let’s look at a few conference call services that offer flat rates.

The first vendor is compatible with both PC and Mac for Web conferencing and offers flat rate video conference calling service. This vendor offers a community feel that lets a client network with others and its technology is top notch, with quality presentations and calls. This vendor has been in the voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) for more than five years.

A second flat rate conference call service vendor offers fairly standard products, which are all that a small, emerging or sporadic-use business might need. It offers instant messaging conference calling as well as video and broadband meetings. Chat room conferences are offered as well, and these have a variety of configurations to support video with or without text and audio.

Another variation in flat rate service for conference calls is a vendor that limits its connections to 15 participants, operates on a Windows platform and can configure live conferencing via Web cam and microphone.

Another flat rate conference call service vendor, focused on business clients, offers application sharing from remote participant desktops. The application will not be able to be controlled by the vendor’s remote location, however. For flat rates that start at $35 a month, this conference call service seems to be the lowest. This price can accommodate up to 200 participants, with six video feeds and three microphones.

Flat rates are available as well from vendors offering a variety of conference call service options, such as Webinars, Webcasts, flash, and white boards. Many of these work across virtually all platforms and with just about any traditional operating system such as Windows, Unix, or Linux.

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