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Web conferencing event services take the standard web conference services and add pre and post conferencing services and features to enhance the outcome of the Web conferencing event and help conference call novices succeed.

The best of the Web conferencing event hosting vendors offer a consultant that will work with the client firm to establish event goals and objectives and come up with a plan for the project that is detailed and organized around meeting those goals. During the Web conferencing event the client’s consultant will be right with the moderating firm to answer any questions that come up about procedure and provide any last minute technical support that is needed. After the Web conferencing event the vendor’s consultant will help the client navigate through and understand the reports that follow the conference. These reports will have information on each participant as well as their feedback.

Implementation services for your Web conferencing event include identification of the key members of the conference call hosting team, who are going to play an important part in the event process; development of a plan and its milestones so that the event implementation stays right on track; training sessions both on site and online that are tailored to the client’s means of achieving its business goals; production and dispensation of client-branded promotional materials for the Web conferencing event, as well as marketing collateral, and surveys, best practices and other information uploaded to the company’s Intranet; delivery of quarterly Web conferencing event reports that continually focus on adoption of measurements, return on investment (ROI) and usage; and the creation of a Web conferencing event training plan for new users that will be ongoing.

Training is tailored for the needs of the particular client, so that the people in the firm who must know do know how to successfully conduct their Web conferencing events. This could mean virtual training, on site training or a combination of both, as the client needs.

This particular Web conferencing call event services vendor offers two applications, one specifically geared towards conducting a meeting, the second towards offering a seminar.

Meeting event features of this vendor’s conference call product include audio, Web, desktop video, integration with Microsoft Outlook, drag and share document capabilities as well as whiteboard customizable properties. Applications can be shared, and participants can collaborate by means of chatting, polling and a question and answer session. This meeting-focused Web conferencing event service also offers helpful reporting capabilities.

The event services client will have an event playback that is fully synchronized and replicates the client’s live meeting including its annotations, audio, video, visuals, and polling. After the event is over, the moderate can protect the recording by password, e-mail a link to anyone she or he wishes, and keep track of who has accessed the information. Documents pertaining to the meeting including the minutes of the meeting are included, and can be password protected by the moderator.

A seminar event with this Web conferencing vendor additionally offers a practice program, which lets the presenter or presenters go through a dry run of the meeting without participants present. Copresenters can also meet privately before the event with this feature

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