Automating Your Remote Gatherings

Automated conference calls are those that require no operator assistance. Some are reservationless, while others are scheduled. Some are a flat monthly rate, while others are charged on a per-minute per-participant fee based. Let’s look at the features of which and some sample pricing for these automated conference call options.

The first vendor offers reservationless flat rate automated conference calls. This conference call service provides on-demand instant conference calling from anywhere around the globe. All automated, all these conference calls require is that you have your permanent phone number for the dial-in, and a touch tone phone. With its flat rate conference call service, the client can hold as many automated conference calls as needed, with no additional charges beyond the flat rate.

These automated reservationless conference call services allow for a remote meeting to be called on a moment’s notice. The automated conference calls are easy to produce, with much security and moderator controls in place.

This automated conference call service offers the following features:

Hold music which plays while participants are waiting for the moderator to join the call. This music shuts off automatically with the moderator’s arrival.
A single beep plays each time a participant enters the automated conference call. A double beep indicates someone has left the conference.

The automated conference call hang up feature lets the moderator release the line for later conference calls. Once the moderator hangs up each participant is automatically disconnected as well.

Security services for these automated conference calls are placed in the hands of the call moderator. This security allows the moderator to lock down a conference so late participants can’t disrupt the meeting. The security feature can be activated or deactivated at will by the moderator.

The final feature of these automated conference calls is a playback and name recording function that lets each participant record her or his name upon entrance to the conference call. This enables a playback of participant roster.
This vendors automated conference calls start at $24.95 per month, although this rock bottom rate does not include a toll free access number. Long distance charges may be incurred by conference call participants. Adding toll free access to this package adds an additional four cents per minute per user approximately. These automated conference calls are audio only rates, although the vendor does offer upgraded conference call services both automated and operator assisted.

These include Web and video conferencing that allow a presentation and interactive component to the meeting. Still automated if you wish, these upgraded conference call services, just as with the automated audio conferencing, can be tried on a free trial basis and can be seen as a free demo.

Features of the video and Web upgrades can include synchronized live audio and video streaming, PowerPoint presentations, sub conferencing and management of the waiting room with automated dial out conference calls services, and mute and unmute moderator capability. These advanced automated conference calls can integrate with Microsoft Outlook as well.

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