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Experience the Power of Online Collaboration using Free Web Conferencing Software

It is impossible to overstate the impact that the internet has had on modern business paradigms. Geographical considerations are removed from the buyer and seller relationship, and commerce is more efficient than ever before. The internet has allowed distributed workspaces and vastly reduced the wasted money and time of corporate travel by allowing meeting participants to share information in real time from their computers. Perhaps the most innovative way in which the internet has brought organizations closer together is through the use of web conferencing software. Web conferencing software allows meeting participants to not only communicate by voice, but also allows them to share presentations, scribble on a shared whiteboard, video chat, and in general interact in a much more sophisticated manner than can achieved in any other way short of meeting face to face. While the concept of remote conferencing is not new, the big difference between today and a few years ago is price. Virtual conferencing was once the domain of only the largest and most well funded companies; however, with the advent of the internet, it is possible to get inexpensive web conferencing software (even free web conferencing software from some companies that offer trial versions).

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Work the Web for Free

A firm who has used audio conference calling capabilities but would like to try Web conferencing may not want to venture into this more costly arena without knowing if it’s worth the additional charges or even more effective. There is at least one free Web conference calling possibility out there, however. Here is how this vendor’s free Web conference calling offer works.

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Phoning Freebies

One of the most prominent and one of the earliest, Internet Web conferencing vendors offers free Internet Web conferencing for 30 days. They’re confident that once a firm tries its Web conferencing services for the 30 day free trial they’ll sign on to pay for an extended length of time.

Let’s see what you get for this 30 day free Internet Web conferencing trial. To get started is easy. The first thing the moderating firm would need to do to start its 30 day free trial of Internet Web conferencing is to register and create a password and a user ID. Once this happens the moderator is able to host any number of Web conferencing events with any participants they wish. Participants do not need to register with the vendor. They just have to dial in.

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Talk Transcripts at No Charge

Free transcripts on conference calls in the financial industry came about as a result of federal legislation in October of 2000. The U.S. Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) passed its fair disclosure rule. This said that public companies must make information readily available to the public simultaneous with its providing it to securities analysts. One result of this ruling is that anyone is allowed to listen to the conference calls on quarterly earnings, and retrieve free transcripts.

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Where Talk is Cheap

There are a number of vendors that offer free conference calling for calls made in and between the USA and Canada. The limits generally are on the number of participants and the time frame. Some vendors limit the conference calls to 50 participants, while most allow up to 100 to attend. Time frames are generally one to three hours, with one hour being the usual. Where the cost comes in with these free USA and Canada free conference calling meetings is not with the vendor, but rather with the phone carriers. There is no toll free number to dial in with these free conference calling vendors so you may incur a long distance charge when you call within the USA or Canada.

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Free Foning

You can find a number of free conference calling services in the USA, virtually all of which will be audio only, with no operator assistance. While the services are pared down for your domestic USA free conference calling, the price is most assuredly right. Let’s take a look at what’s available and what you might want to add on for a small fee.

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